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We have no limit on any opening orders. J&S Italian Imports also requests that at least a portion of the entire line (25 items) be represented. Reorders have no minimum. For orders under 15.00, there is a 5.00 surcharge. Order can be placed on our site. Most orders usually ship within 2-3 days. Occasionally, you may need us to hold an order for delivery at a later time. Although we make every effort to keep inventory levels high, it is impossible to foresee when an item becomes popular. We urge you to check stock when possible. PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES FLUCTUATE IN RESPONSE TO MARKET CONDITIONS. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. All prices posted on our website are most current prices and will be honored.



Samples are available upon request. Please note that sample orders sometimes take longer to process. We limit the number of drop ship samples to 5. However, if your establishment needs samples for display purposes, we will provide you with samples. There are no reships for samples that are damaged in transit, lost, incorrect items that may have shipped by accident or by human error. ONLY CREDITS WILL BE ISSUED. This is strictly enforced. 



We require a valid credit card on file so that we may charge your account when goods are shipped. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express and Discover. Payment is due upon shipping, but authorization is required when the order is placed. You may also prepay by company check using our online electronic check verification system.  If we drop ship an order for you, the credit card or E-Check on file with us will be charged even though we are drop shipping goods to a different address other than the address of the credit card on file.  It is agreed that an order through our website suffices as proof that you wanted us to drop ship an order and allow us to bill the credit card on file.  No chargebacks are permitted on the basis that goods were sent to a different address other than the one listed for the credit card on file.  Any issue that arises were a chargeback is concerned must first be attempted to be resolved in writing between the party charging back and J&S Italian Imports.  You agree that chargebacks where this procedure is not followed will be deemed invalid by J&S Italian Imports and the respective financial institution.