Política de envío


We offer drop shipping to all our customers. All orders are shipped ONLY UPS ground by default unless otherwise specified during order placement. UPS rates apply.  Our system is automated and shipping addresses that are input into our system are processed exactly as entered.  Any packages shipped to an incorrect address will incur a UPS $15.00 surcharge per package.  Exact shipping costs cannot be determined unless order is packaged and set on our UPS scale.  We will not be responsible for orders that get lost, arrived late, mislabeled boxes, processing mistakes, orders left at the customer’s door by UPS and not recovered or orders that arrive damaged. UPS is the carrier….not us.  If UPS leaves a package at a customer’s door and customer claims they not receive it, customer will have to contact UPS directly to generate an investigation.  J&S Italian Imports will not be responsible to expedite a replacement order by any other means but UPS ground unless customer wants to pay for express shipment.  For any order that is left at door by UPS and not recovered by customer, it is the total responsibility of the customer to generate a claim and/or investigation for the packages. For the time being, we only ship within the United States. For all shipments, please note that orders become the possession of the customer once they leave the warehouse. Any issues that arise from damages, refused goods, incorrect addresses, delays, human error, customs become the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the destination customer and the customer for whom we drop shipped.  This also includes any freight issues that arise.  Any order that is refused, canceled in transit or any other issue, customer is aware that they will be responsible for freight coming and going as well as any brokerage and/or customs fees that pertain to the order. Please note that this policy is strictly enforced and we will assist you to the best of our abilities in issues that may arise.  


We strongly urge our customers to review our terms and conditions.  We cannot be held responsible in any way if issues arise where our customers’ terms and conditions do not agree with our terms and conditions.  Example:  If our customer has a no questions asked return policy.  This does not reflect our policy for returns and will not be honored.