Swarovski Crystal Pineapple with 925 Silver Leaf #18988

Swarovski Crystal Pineapple with 925 Silver Leaf #18988

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Debora Carlucci gifts are inspired by everyday scenes of beauty and whimsy. Produced by Italian craftsmen, the crystals are meant to live in harmony with everyday furnishings, complementing places of beauty. The collection includes a wide variety of crystals such as paintings, clocks, picture frames, lamps, and more.

            The pieces are designed with an innovative approach, combining a talented eye with constant market research in order to provide consumers with crystals they admire and have use for.In the Debora Carlucci workshops, tradition and technology come together in a creative environment populated by artists who love beauty and have a deep understanding of their craft. Debora Carlucci gifts and favors are crafted from the best raw materials such as Swarovski crystal and hand-worked metals plated by 18kt gold and 925 silver.