Argento 925 Silver 4 Pc Bedroom Vanity Set #3001

Argento 925 Silver 4 Pc Bedroom Vanity Set #3001

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        There is nothing like a sparkling crystal nestled in the folds of a velvet gift box. Debora Carlucci crystals are the perfect gift for any occasion, sure to delight the recipient. Made of Swarovski crystal, these items are all masterfully carved, making optimal use of the light with thousands of tiny facets refracting rainbows.

            Crystals by Debora Carlucci are conceptualized, crafted, and fully manufactured by authentic Italian designers and craftsmen. Only the finest of materials are used in the making of these charming gift items. Some of the items in the collection are accented with 925 silver, lending an extra element of beauty. Browse the collection of picture frames, sculptures, and figurines in the Crystal by Debora Carlucci collection.  

Comes With A Certificate Of Origin And Authenticity  Made in Italy